daily painting titled Self Portrait

Self Portrait

13cm x 17cm (approx 5"x7"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 14 May, 2007
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This is so great to see your wierd face again, but I've already been outbid at auction so will you be making any prints of this one? Love J
Oh, I love the reflected light in your glasses! And your brushstrokes are wonderful - I can really "feel" the flesh. Like the haircut, too! I'm sure Ruth would agree that you look very handsome, Julian!
I'm sure you are familiar with your own face by now....but wots all this bullshit about portraits takin ages to do when you can knock 'em out in a morning....... (it is very good tho'...x)
Happy to meet you, Julian! I'm not a morphopsychologist, but I see: Intelligence (frontal lobe), energy (eyes), sensibility (nose). And more: a great mastery of brushes and pencils of light.
Good to see a portrait again! Bravo. incredible that you manage to paint it in so small a format. paint on, julian
Your self portrait made me weep little brother. That was a bit unexpected.
the eyes have it julian!