daily painting titled Still life with asparagus, lemon and glass of white wine

Still life with asparagus, lemon and glass of white wine

18cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 10 March, 2013
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Incredible alchemy of a painting created so romantically. I seem to hear the white candlelight burning with love, so close. And to see how the apex of the lemon tries to desperately deform the vertical stem of the glass of wine adds a touch of tension among this light softened atmosphere. In the shade, a couple of asparagus are hugging each other so tenderly. They believe, may be, that we do not see them...
love it, and would love to be sharing it with you all three, from new york, mary ann and boyce will be there in Your Area July 8-august 12, and am hoping to have some of your paintings Julian for my Modern art cookbook, out in the fall, but don't know which they will have contacted you about, but here's hoping!! love, mary ann and boyce
Bon appetit - quite beautiful.Fabulous colour and textures
SO beautiful! - especially the green of the asparagus - well, everything else, too!
Exquisite! I want the food and I want the painting!
Greetings from Berkeley, Julian, Wonderful! I smell the lemony aroma and the light freshness of the wine. Love asparagus but it has been so expensive here in the Bay Area.