daily painting titled Reflections on a pond

Reflections on a pond

20cm x13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 16 October, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


An excellent study of shadow,depth and reflection, the way water is painted.
Very well done.

Just fabulous! Some sharp focus, some loose.....altogether wonderful...as always!

Absolutely gorgeous.........love the reflections and how you made uninteresting plants very interesting.

very beautiful painting! Happy birthday to Louis!

Absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations all around and I love the painting!

Beautiful painting, absolutely love it, you should paint more often in the rain!

Really beautiful Julian! I love the swooping arc of the reed in the front left hand side. Happy Birthday to Louis! Where does the time go?!

Stunning! Such a feeling of calmness and quiet - paint in the rain, and around water more often, Julian. This is wonderful :-)

This, Julian, has to be the very best of your work ..... ever!!

This is absolutely amazing; I love it!! Stunning work.

Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but the reflections, the detail, the looseness, the "just everything" ... almost takes my breathe away. I am in awe of your talent; you must be so proud of this piece.


PS: I am late cooking dinner tonight as I keep stopping to look at it again and again. :)

It conjures up the colors and mood of the Pre-Raphaelites for me. I love it.

Wonderful Julian!


Wow...and happy birthday for your household! I like the close up rainy scene!

Wow...and happy birthday for your household! I enjoy the close up rainy scene!

This painting is unsurpassable!
I love how the reflections in the water look like white little fishes wriggling amuck at the surface! A wonderful animistic wedding between the tranquillity of the upper half and the hustle and bustle of the lower half:a kind of symbol of the different human being states of mind.Julian,you are also a philosopher of the nature! That's why I like so much what you do. You are evidently much more than a talented painter.

Dear Julian, a wonderful surprise! Quite overcome with the naturalistic beauty of this painting! Exquisite colours, the grasses and reeds, the leafy bank, the sky and foliage reflected on the surface of the pond. It conjures up natures cycle of renewal and decay, steeped in a soft autumnal dampness.The pond seems to be secretly teeming with life and yet tranquil! The painting inspires thoughts on the larger issues of life! Zen like! What a great talent!
Congratulations to all the family, you have achieved wonders and thank you for sharing.

In short, ditto Chris. (But + knockout!)

Very successful rain. I'm an expert on it ,
I live in Ireland

Beautiful in a different way from the other works--

Breathtaking, Julian! The dark and loose foliage and the reflections- dreamy and stunning.. Congratulations on your wonderful painting and your son's 3rd birthday!

Happy Birthday to Louis! Julian, it seems impossible, but you only get better and better. You are an amazing artist!

Hi Julian,
This one of the pond is so entirely different than what I've seen of yours in the past that I didn't think it was yours, at first glance. It looks more like my home in the Pacific Northwest. While lovely, it fails to give me the escapist pleasure of your sunny fields and paths. A bit of rainy day reality?
Thank you as always,

Dear Julian, returning to this painting and again marvelling at the incredible beauty of the reeds and reflections, I was reminded of another gem that could almost be it's twin in it's loose but "true" depiction of the natural world. That painting was titled Winter brook and was painted in February 2013!Remember being very moved!

Julian, I am sure you must send your brushes to ballet school. They could not dance so perfectly otherwise!

Julian, I am sure you must send your brushes to ballet school. They could not dance so perfectly otherwise!

(Apologies if this comes through twice due to glitch in sending.!)

It takes a lot of courage to shift and do something totally different...

wonderful painting and congratulations on your ongoing success with your groups.

I agree with Elaine and Alain. Sublime. One can hear the plops, the sweet splatter. You are so very good at this painting "thing."