daily painting titled Hay bales under the Ventoux

Hay bales under the Ventoux

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 1 July, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


serene and beautiful!
Dear Julian, Seeing this painting reminds me of being a little girl visiting family who lived in the farm country. You think of the aroma of the dried hay and plenty room to "run". So many people who grow up in cities never get that experience. Your art takes us on trips in our minds without leaving our homes. Plus we are taught by sitting back and viewing bit by bit and also the whole painting. The hay bales have a feeling like they are going to roll on their own. Thanks for starting July off with another wonderful painting.
What a beautiful painting Julian, you have captured the essence of summer stunningly, hope the hay bales are still around for next week, I'm counting the days until we're standing next to you in the fields of Provence.
I can smell the hot hay. Such a simple composition, yet so effective.
Visual stroll experiment at first glance. 1- The biggest hay bale 2- The second one and the lighted space between the trees with a touch of emerald green 3- The golden field and its directional human tracks 4- The dark foliage just above the biggest hay bale 5- The strong lighted end of the field in the distance 6- The piece of mountain on the left, then the whole sky from the left to the right and the shaking outline of the mountain 7- The slope of the mountain in the middle and the nearly hidden top of the Ventoux 8- The biggest dark foliage on the right side and the whole rhythmic motion of the foliage outlines that describe a sine curve in perspective view 9- The hay bales duo again 10- A last look at the tracks of the field and finally, the white lights on the biggest hay bale, its perfect oval and vertical shadow sat on top of a bizarre half shadow on the field. 11- I do not forget to search the signature location. Technically speaking, I measure the dramatic tonal contrast between foliage and field suggesting the scorching heat of this sunny day.
Dear Julian, wonderful perspective with a natural flow, the brush dancing over the gesso. The warm scent of the tinder dry hay.It looks like thunder building over the Ventoux. Now I am going to apply myself to Alains "analyse intellectuelle"! Anna.
Another lovely one Julian.
My husband and I enjoy seeing the hay bales around where we live, too. Very nice painting, Julian.