daily painting titled White Rose in a Jar

White Rose in a Jar

13cm x 18cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 21 May, 2009
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Okay, the rose and glass are fantastic, but the wall is so amazing you could have gotten away with just painting that. Bravo!
Beautiful, Julian!
It's a beautiful painting. I would love to know how you made that amazing blue?
I agree with all of the above - this is a very lovely painting. But that blue...with the underpainting showing through...it's stunning!
Today is the day for backside images. First there is the photograph in the NY Times of Specialist Zachary Boyd in his boxers, gun in hand, ready for action in Afghanistan. Then in contrast we have this underside view of a rose, almost looking as if a spider spun it against a blue that provides a perfect contrast. Th distinct visions remind us that we live in a world that startles us by its diversity!
Julian, I have to agree that blue is electric, thanks for brightening our day.
Calm and beautiful. The blue of the wall is fantastic.
In my dreams I saw Gauguin saying to me:" I have painted this one! I have painted this one!" And his friend Van Gogh was okay with him. I was shouting: " No,impossible! It's mister Julian Merrow Smith! You belong both to the nineteenth century!" But they did not believe me! Gauguin was beside himself, Van Gogh of course too! I suddenly wake up in a sweat! Phew...
This piece is wounderfoul, the incredibly complicated simplicity is a sign of a master long gone. Your painting are a beacon of light in a dark night. Mariano
Julian, that is an extraordinary blue. Both the rose and the blue have a multitude of resonances for me. The blue has equal resonances from nature and from other paintings, yet it is not quite like anything I have seen before. It has a magical quality.
Exquisite!The simplicity of a white rose, enhanced by that beautiful blue. I love the surface of the table as well. Our roses here in the Peak District are not out yet...
hi julian, i'm sure this has been asked, but looking at this incredibly lovely, painterly piece, begs me to wonder, do you first lay down a sketch with pencil or do you sketch it in with your brushes?
Hi Julian, probably a bit late with this comment, but I've just struggled to find a similar blue that would paint an 'electric blue' vase; none of my mixes would touch it. In the end I rejected cerulean and had to go and buy Old Holland manganese blue which was the nearest starting colour. Your wall looks reminiscent of the Old Holland - what did you use? Best wishes Chris
I think Chris I used a very small amount of Micheal Harding's Pthalo Blue, with Ultramarine and Cerulean and some Permanent Rose and I think the under painting of raw sienna showing through helps.