daily painting titled October Road

October Road

20cm x13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 9 October, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


You are on a roll. It's obvious you like good weather.
I love your work and your words. I smile just seeing "Postcard from Provence" in my mail box and opening always brings great joy. Many thanks!
I'm sure your course will be as successful as the last ones... was really impressed with the students work that you showed. and they all looked like they really enjoyed it I'd come just for the cooking alone !!!
Really enjoying this series of richly coloured autumn landscapes - and envious of workshop attendees.
At first sight,a pastoral scene. At second sight,subtle visual deformations of the surface because of:- the two-storey perspectives - the undulation provoked by the sloping embankment. The first deformation(bicephalous perspective) from the foreground to the background and the second deformation(cross-ways and parallel to the surface of the canvas) from the half right side towards the lower left corner of the painting. Not forgetting the third perspective built by the sky between the two big trees... This work reminds me of a painting of Carel Fabritius showing the visual deformation because of with double perspective! Ouch ouch ouch your painting,Julian,is very complex! An artist right next to me,smiling,tells me: - And why not,more simply,just a joyful and pastoral scene? Keep it simple.
Dear Julian,Meister Painter,enjoy passing on your skills, hope the weather holds! This is muscular,juicy and bold.You must be in fine fettle for the master classes! Anna.
It is such a rare occurrence that I do not agree with Alain's comments that I must beg him to forgive my disagreement this time. To me it works beautifully because of the point/counterpoint of the diagonals. And I must agree with Anna H., this IS muscular, juicy and bold.
Hi Julian , I love this composition , the leaves in the foreground , the delicate brush strokes that bring the field to life in the center , and your masterful use of the greens. I hate/dislike strongly the word jealousy , but those folks just starting class , I hope you realize how blessed you are to be there!!! Truly great work as always Julian. Thanks Craig
Dear DonaS, thanks for your straightforwardness.Sometimes I wonder why I play the schoolmaster or the exegete.In fact,I hate that.Insufferable and immodest.All of a sudden it has become so obvious.You are great. Cordially
This site is wonderful because at the heart of it it's there for the love of art, the art of a specific artist and art in general.Everybody has something to contribute,all in their own special way,love you all! Anna H.
Wonderful recent paintings on the workshops blog! I am very sensitive in particular to the poetical atmosphere suggested by Mrs Kathleen Ann Clark pictures.
Mrs Suzanne Jobe, your painting showing a house in close up with a cypress on the left and a blue window is full of mysteries and endearing.Deeply touching. Regards, Alain