daily painting titled Terre Rouge sous Le Ventoux

Terre Rouge sous Le Ventoux

16cm x13 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 6 March, 2006
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Well, missed this one by minutes, I guess. It makes me frustrated. I dearly would lkie to buy just one!

I keep clicking on Permalink as soon as I get the email only to get message can't connect and then when I go to website, everything is sold. As you said, maybe someday it'll calm down. Hope I'm still alive :-))

These are gorgeous paintings. Would love to own at least one for my collection.

This one is lovely. I'm into wine and would love to have one like this with grapes. Terrific!

I like the ruddy colors of the earth contrasted with the cool blue of the sky. Also the depth of the picture, with the vines reaching back toward the mountains. Really an interesting study in planes...

Congrats on your successes. I'm taking a Zen approach to the paintings and the fact they sell so quickly. They are small pieces of France that arrive unexpectedly for my pleasure and I've let go of the need to own them.

I'm very happy for you. You are painting more and they are becoming more beautiful. I hope to catch one some day.
Best Wishes