daily painting titled Glass of beer

Glass of beer

12cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 February, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


I love Beck's non-alcoholic beer! Are you cleaning up your act? Neat painting, Julian.
It's enticing - and it's nice to celebrate - you deserve it!
I will never forget cycling through France during a canicule, stopping at a bar for a beer: I accidentally ordered a non-alcoholic one. I waited for the rush of energy - but it never happened...... My husband laughed at me and said he had wondered why I ordered that one....... So beautiful as this painting is - I am disappointed.
Cheers! Why non-alcoholic? Seems sad, but its a cracker of a painting
So clever!
I think a "Happy Birthday" must be in order. I like your beer; It's a fun beverage to paint. Your just-prior self portrait was marvelous. Luscious brushstrokes, wonderful color. Wish you'd do a few more portraits or figuratives every now and again. When the work turns out as great as your self portrait, it's a shame not to try your hand more often.
Very good. Where are the chips?
Dear Julian, the painting is masterly, done with great panache! Intrigued about the mention of the beer being non-alcoholic, but no doubt the Meister has his reasons?! Anna
marvelous! Another beautiful painting, and just in time for my birthday! Thanks Julian!!! how did you know what i wanted???? :)
Was this for a birthday celebration? I ask because I will celebrate in a little under two weeks . . Best, Kathy