daily painting titled Path to the sea

Path to the sea

19cm x 14cm, (approx 7½"x5½") oil on panel Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 28 July, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


This is simply fantastic. Its one of your best plein air, no question about it. It inspires me. I don't have sea to paint but I can try something else. That violet horizon between the sea and the sky just blows me away. Almost mystical perhaps Odysseus had such a view.
I love the recent landscapes...your vision and rendering reach a new level.....Congrats!
Bewitchingly beautiful! Strangely enough,I am aching to eat these scrumptious path sea and sky!But two huge faces(earth-god and sea god ?)in the upper dark foliage,are watching closely the path...
The dappled light on your tree is wonderful as is the pink/blue sea and sky. Happy for you that you'll have assistance with childcare. Naptime is never enough.
Absolutely stunning! I am especially enthralled by the rays of light on the tree trunk and boughs...
The cypress tree is beautiful and commanding. Your paintings are making me homesick for France, as well as keeping me inspired to keep painting. Thank you.