daily painting titled First cherries

First cherries

20cml x 12.5cm (8"x4½), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 8 June, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, Your cherries in nature won't last but your beautiful painting will.
Simply stunning!
I was thinking the same as Geri!
I ran out of fresh cherries yesterday and didn't get a chance to buy more today. Your painting makes me want to dash out now and get more but the stores are now closed. I will certainly do so tomorrow, after looking at these lovely realistic cherries. Love it! Well done and a beautiful job! Thank you, Julian. Elaine
Its a pleasure to see a close up of cherries and leaves after the many and divere Provence landscapes. The thing I always notice are those highlights, the final swift strokes, so white, so clear, so excitedly on the surface...they always intrigue me.
Dear Julian, a joyous little painting. The way the light and colour captures the essence of that fruit! The fine stalks, gilded by the light, glossy fruit and soft green foliage. Throughout the ages artists have painted cherries, here is another delightful, highly expressive version. Did the subject matter hail from Chauvet's orchard, I wonder? Read the book last year, somehow it anchored all the postings and gave us a great slice of life of painter and family in Provence. Will there be another, Ruth, when little Louis is in school perhaps? Anna.