daily painting titled Roses in a silver goblet

Roses in a silver goblet

27cm x 22cm (approx. 8½"x10½"), oil on stretched linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 9 August, 2012
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Julian,are you fuelled by the Goddesses of creativity?
I used to comment more but your work is so CONSISTANTLY excellent Julian, that I do not leave comments much any more. Please don't take that to mean that those of us who see your postings regularly have grown uninterested. You are such an inspiration to me, you have probably influenced my approach to painting more than any other artist I'm familiar with, dead or alive, with just a few exceptions. I love your work and maybe someday I will be able to buy one. Meanwhile I have your excellent book and I keep a copy of your daily emails for further inspiration. Thank you for this blog and for being such a hugely talented artist. I love the roses by the way. . . a tad above the very high bar you have set for yourself. Stella
I am right there with Stella...a fellow admirer. This piece is so stunning and I couldn't help myself. :)
Dear Julian, Stella, in the comment above, said it all so well!! My sentiments, exactly. You are such an inspiration to me!!! The roses are incredible!! Keep up the good work!!! Best, Sandra
fantin latour watch out! you are bolt but julian is blake. xt
Julian, Your work as of late has been so stupendous.!!!!! Wonderful painting today! Love it!
Truly lovely! I study your technique and learn so much and it really helps me with my oil painting. Thanks.
There is so much content in your work, and it is so lovely. Every day I enjoy seeing the new thing in your repertoire. How lucky am I?
Hi Julian, Like Tom, I also thinked to Fantin-Latour. From here, I smell the parfun of the roses, not you? Martine
Really beautiful. I could look at this for hours.
The previous commenters have said it all so well. I am continually amazed and inspired by your beautiful work. Thank you.
Julian, I can only agree with all of the comments left here. One of the things I look forward to every day is seeing what new beautiful piece of art you have created, how you leave the world a little bit better each day. You are inspiring me in my painting more than anyone I can think of. Thank you, Garry
What I love about this painting are the touches that reflect passing time.