daily painting titled Peonies in a provençal pot

Peonies in a provençal pot

50cm x 40cm, oil on linen Painting status: Work in progress
Daily painting for Monday 22 May, 2017
Posted in Flower paintings
Tags: wip


Oh my!!!!! I'm absolutely drooling over those lush peonies! What a beauty that painting is!!
Very beautiful
Outstanding work!!! I am working on the same flower. Lots of ruffles/petals. Great execution!!!! Hot Brush!!!!
Those pink peonies are spectacular....you must be so pleased.
Hi Julian... I'm looking forward to getting my cherries in the glass...... it's image seems to be stuck in my connection to your daily paintings.. When I click for the auction, my winning painting comes up instead of "today's" auction... has been doing so ever since the cherries auction. Can you fix? Thanks, Diane PS Hi to Ruth and Louis
Superb !