daily painting titled Orange and Blue Stripe

Orange and Blue Stripe

15cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 10 November, 2006
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Technically excellent as always - But another piece of fruit!

Julian....Did you forget to sign this one?

look again--lower left hand corner

Julian, your php message skipped the "Dear ____" and no image popped out in my email this am. Did you just upgrade???

Had a little falling out with the mailing list system, should all be running normally from tomorrow.j

ps. fruits good for you.

keep the fruit coming

Ditto Dominic's comment
I love you the 'fruits' of your labour
Will it be nut season soon?

I've never taken a bird's eye look at an orange before!

We have almonds from puglia and walnuts.....

I have heard California referred to as the land of fruits and nuts. I much prefer these paintings to the fruits and nuts "who" might walk the streets. These fruit epitomize autumn and early winter for me. For every thing there is a season and a purpose ....

Far out, this is a great orange. I love the way it just crosses the blue stripe - a finishing line perhaps. Nothing better than oranges after a race!

Will you be making a Glicee print of this one available soon?

What is wrong with fruit? I love your fruit paintings and, quite frankly, anything you feel inspired to paint. You're right, Julian, fruit IS good for you, especially when you paint it! Keep them coming!

You are a master of catching
a moment! Do you ever paint
almonds? I liked the onions
shown on the still life file.
Very pleased to discover your
work, recommended by our friend Leslee.
I'll keep watch for an
almond still life.
Enjoy your Proven�al No�l!
Marolyn Charpentier