daily painting titled Mushroom bay

Mushroom bay

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 3 February, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


Julian, this is FABULOUS! All I need is a beach chair.
Mmmm...I could use some warm breezes and sunshine about now. Beautifull done!
Julian, I don't know why but when I saw this, Winslow Homer sprang to mind. But when I went and looked at some images of his paintings, especially ones I've actually seen, of course I can see it's nothing like except, perhaps, similar setting. But the thought still persists. Maybe evokes the same feelings? Although, I like your skies Much Much Better. --S
While I was admiring your painting, I began to think about island paradises, and then I read your mention of Bali, et voila! Perfect!
Idyllic! Can I suggest we see you doing more winter painting from hot spots in future years - this is working a treat in terms of putting a smile on my face.
somehow you always manage to capture the essence of your subject Julian. Brilliant work!
Wonderful apparition this morning! An invitation to a journey for my eyes: at first,the luminous and deep blue color of the sky with its dense clouds,then,the abounding vegetation on the left side,the ocean,as clear as daylight(marvellous light purple),the lapping of the foam against the rocks;finally,in the distance,the three sailing boats(which "play" with the three punctiform dashes of water above the foam and in the sky,with the three streaks of white). These invisible zigzags between all these centers of attraction create an amazing trip inside this dreamy painting.
This painting and the one yesterday removes me momentarily from my reality. Thank you, Julian, for this beautiful escape.
I love the splash in just the right spot. Wish I were there instead of covered in snow in Merion, Pennsylvania.
Gorgeous painting!!! On another note...during the current bidding process I noticed that my address (city) is misspelled (should be "Boxborough". Proper way to correct this?
Julian...what can I say? You ABSOLUTELY captured the scene. the light is just right...the weight of the clouds, the luminous change in the water where the sanbars change the color to aqua...the distant view..the small craft on the water...I savor the moments when I open your postcards each time..my treat of the day! Thank you.
so different from the previous scapes with the much cooler colors...lovely! thnks. gfs
Where I am at, we had 16 inches of snow yesterday and your picture is so real it makes me long for enough money to go there for a month! I marvel at the water and how you brought out the array of colors.
Oh, that water. Simply gorgeous.
Janet, you can change the address on your auction account preferences (just scroll down to the bottom on the auction page)
Very nice Julian. Wished I could have got closer.
How do I pay for the painting I just won at auction? Nothing worked with the PayPal connection
Julian, you're killing me :) do you KNOW how cold it is here this morning? seriously, thanks for taking me away for awhile with this wonderful image. don
Julian, I think this painting is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for enhancing my life with such beauty. Brenda