daily painting titled Lemons, jar and clementine

Lemons, jar and clementine

17cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 8 February, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Very clever to put the clementine behind the jar. Observing how you render a simple glass jar makes one think of glass in a whole new way. Thanks for that and another lovely warming painting.
Very nice Julian!
I wish you would describe the measurement in inches, also. I like this piece very much.
your paintings have just been so beautiful of late, especially the snow scenes! and now this amazing jar and lemon!
This is so beautiful, the glass, the lemon, the wood...the dark.
interesting implication of a colorless and transparent subject how it goes into an interaction with the fruits.
Your almost disappearing glass jar is amazingly beautiful.
This makes my heart sing and my eyes water. Must be love. Beautiful. I love the glass.
Each day, I await your offering!! How delightful to be able to be able to view your paintings right here in my library in Florida! Thank you, Julian. Sandra
I am amazed with your talent! I always look forward to your pieces.
Simply brilliant!
There are many remarkable elements to this painting, the most striking being the glass jar and it's relationship with the clementine behind it. With just a few strokes of white paint you have again shown yourself to be a genius Julian. I also love the chipped edge of the board, it works so well as an intergral part of the composition it appears almost incedental yet is a crucial part.
An adorable painting. A tender hymn to a young couple,lemon and jar,together dancing to a cheek to cheek...so sweet.Regarding the clementines, unfortunately,they are sitting on the side lines in the shadowy light!