daily painting titled Still life with sweet onions, faisselle pot and romanescu

Still life with sweet onions, faisselle pot and romanescu

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 25 January, 2022
Posted in Still life paintings


Soooo pretty!!! Will you share how you go about painting such beautiful close-ups? Do you photograph the subject and thenhave that as reference along with the actual set-up? Lovely indeed!! God bless, C-Marie
nothing complicated! Direct painting, direct observation, nothing between!
Wow! This is so beautiful on many levels. Amazing detail.
I think this is absolutely gorgeous. Also a learning experience, as I had never heard of this vegetable, and then I had to look up "fractal" which was used to described the shape of the romanescue. The painting makes my mouth water as all the items look ready for cooking something warm and wonderful!
Beautiful painting. The colours and detail, such richness. This takes my breath away.
This might be a silly question but do you us a still life box to set up still life’s in? The sort that is black inside and has a hole for directional lighting? Or do you just set it up on a table?
And by the way, I love your daily paintings!

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