daily painting titled Evening Shadows

Evening Shadows

16cm x14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 16 March, 2006
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Enjoy your work---however, they seem to always be sold! Good for you....

We in Tucson, Arizona open our email too late to buy your art. They are bought instantly in your time zone which is good for you but bad for us however, we pretend your daily display is our own private gallery and then, that's good for us. Thankyou, jroth

I just learned about your site yesterday through a friend. Last night I was already looking forward to seeing your next piece. You are an inspiration. Thank you.

Not trying to steal Julian's thunder (I think I missed the red pear yesterday by a hair's breath myself- I particularly love the way Julian paints his whites) but all you fans out there- ever consider trying your hand at painting your own pears and mandarins? There are all sorts of workshops out there, including, ahem, one in southwest France... given by a certain scatty cat...

Evening Shadows is
How I wish it was Mine!!!!

I am a new subscriber and enjoy receiving your daily painting. The drawback to your system is that the paintings are always sold in your time zone. How about a revolving system where you offer a painting first to our time zone and then shift to the next time zone? This would at least give a different group of art lovers a chance!

This time zone 'thing' is really not the problem, unless you're in Australia (sorry James and Caroline). Paintings are posted in the evening here in France, most often between 4-8pm certainly the whole of the states is up by then - normally.

delightful and frustrating, a perfect combo for the true sado- mosochists amongst us. But really. I just got my postcard this second and the painting was sold. Watch out for negative press, Julian. Sometimes success is a bad thing.

That's quite alright Julian - I'll just have to set the alarm for 2am!

Lovely, lovely, lovely - will really try and plan a trip to see the country that you paint this year, having always preferred the still lives, the landscapes are really brightening up the driech weather back in blighty for me XX Mhairi

yes, anxious for a landscape of Provene, kep me posted,
thanx, BB