daily painting titled Clementine


17cm x 13cm, Oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 13 March, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Splendid - great values. When it arrived in my inbox I felt like I could reach out and pick it up.

Oh my Dear Clementine!
Tr�s beau model� de grand ma�tre, "A l'ancienne". Brillance app�tissante.

Oh, beautiful, beautiful composition, Julian! Simply perfect. I love this painting!

Julian: Not sure how to "bid" in the ancien way. It seems it must b e done in a nano second, but does one "bid" via message? If not, where does a first-timer go? If I never succeed in getting a painting, I still love to get my cyber postcards. Thank you. EC

Sorry Liz the instructions have disappeared from the new site I will get them up again soon. Meanwhile with the old method 'a l'ancien' there is a purchase button under the painting on the site at the specfied time. It usually stays up for 2-3 minutes during which time you may need to refresh the page a few times till the button appears. Julian

This is a real beauty. I love the compostion
and I am marveling at how you were able to capture the shiny smoothe quality of the clementine. Delicious. How about a giclee
of it so that I can add it to my collection
of fruity friends!

Your new website is really nice. It is really easy to view and navigate. I wanted to add my name to your email list.