daily painting titled Plum and blue tin

Plum and blue tin

19cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 17 September, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


very nice!!
What an awesome box! It looks great. I love this color combination!
I love the lowkey majesty of the damned thing
You are a jewel here on earth. Do you know that song? You paint so beautifully. I look every day, and have been grateful for the connection. I hope when we get to France again (hopefully sooner than later), we'll come visit you in person. Did you ever know of the painter Nissan Rilov? He lived and worked in La Rouche, 2 Passage de Dantzig, Paris. We met in the early 60. A long and lasting friendship. His widow still lives there. Anyway, keep your dreams and send them to all of us. Your talent is appreciated. Your California daily viewer. LaWanda
This is just beautiful! I love old wabi sabi tins and boxes! Great colors
Gosh that really made me sit up. Fantastic.
Dear Julian, the turquoise and rusty hues of the tin box next to the dark indigo plum almost vibrates! Can't help speculating on what that enigmatic tin once held.... yellowing old love letters, pawn brokers tickets, even a will. I don't like the idea that maybe it was just old nails and screws. If the plum was left there to decay, you would have a modern vanitas. For now, it's still a melancholy tale of life's transient pleasures. Anna.
¡Bravo, Julian! Una vez más, nos regalas con una pequeña joya!!! Gracias, maestro!!
Love the antique-look of the tin box May I know how you mixed that wonderful blue-turquoise hue? I'd like to try Thank
Only just seen this little beauty! Groovy.