daily painting titled Peaches


20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 16 August, 2021
Posted in Still life paintings


So nice to see your work again. no apparent holiday rust set in. si magnifique.i hope you were able to rest and perhaps push some paint around in a beautiful place.
So glad you are back! Holidays are great things to extend.
perfect..they look like the ones I've been buying eachTuesday at the local farmer's market. Mighty tasty !
You are so welcome back!! Lovely peaches!! God bless you and your family!! C-Marie
Glad you took some family time. Hope it was enjoyable. Glad to see you back. Love the peaches.
No problem. Beautiful!
They look truly luscious and I want one! Wow what a refreshing painting. Thank you Julian!