daily painting titled Tomato, Basil and Aubergine

Tomato, Basil and Aubergine

13cm x 16cm (5"x6"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 5 June, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow!!! I really love this painting, a true feast for the eyes...that's the best eggplant ever...and there's that blue striped linen again... Thank you....
This one makes me hungry. I want to slice up that tomato with some mozzarella and that basil and drizzle it with balsamic. Yum...
Yum yum yum too - the colours and imagined smell have triggered a bit of slavering, better have some breakfast....X Mhairi
I didn't even notice the eggplant, Virginia, until I read your message. I was concentrating on the tomato and basil, which reminded me of a friend who used to pick the tomatoes warm from the sun, sprinkle coarse salt and olive oil, add chopped basil......truly an evocative painting, Julian! The intensity of the color and the tight composition really give it power.