daily painting titled Black Figs on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

Black Figs on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

16cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 29 August, 2006
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i want to buy it.
Hans g. B´┐Żuerle

How I love the gold rim! What a beautiful painting-- Thank you.

one day, perhaps, it will be my name appearing under sold. planning as christmas gift, but the days already are dwindling! help!

Your paintings are exquisite. I love the figs. You are able to capture such warmth in your still lives. I hope to be quick enough to own one someday!

Julian, this is simply exquisite.

Julian: Those purple-black mission figs are so delicious, I cannot help but buy them when I see them in the market. They have been especially good this season in California. With the gold, these purple-black figs seem so regal. What a wonderful pairing of colors. I also find the circular brush strokes in, around, and of the saucer to be mesmerizing. Thanks for this treat.

Yes, I agree with Gary, this one is lovely!
(And Merilee, I really do appreciate your comments!!... It seems the tone and intention of my remark was misinterpreted...)

Thanks, James. I just don't want anyone to think I'm a wacko...Julian, this painting is absolutely exquisite, and I agree with Gary on those circular brush strokes - it really moves the composition around. Think I might need to go and get some figs to paint. (And eat!)

Dear Julian,

I love this - somehow, having contact with your work has awakened a fascination of still life paintings with food in them, having been an art philistine all my life - any chance of a print?

XXX Mhairi

Oh, I wish.... Are any figs available as prints? I wasn't quick enough, alas. Congratulations to the new owner!

Nol - Virginia, US

Please place me on your email list to bid on these paintings! Fabulous!