daily painting titled Evening on the lagoon

Evening on the lagoon

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 5 November, 2015
Posted in Marine paintings


Awesome, amazing, and beautiful!

Was it done with brush or knife please?
Love the texture

Beautifully rendered!

Stunning painting.

It's the light - you always get the light! I Love the little ping of light on mine too.

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Colors and textures....perfect for looking at for ever. Than you.


So beautiful! I am a sucker for paintings of sunsets. There's nothing nicer than watching the sun go down - you certainly nailed its beauty with this piece!

Julian, a fitting farewell to Venice. Delightful images everyday, they've made me smile!

I am stunned by the horizontal strokes that capture water and sky, blending them into one. Just fabulous!!!

I love this one.

Julian, Venice is yours. So good.

Lovely expressive abstract qualities and the sense of the last rays of a sunny but cool and hazy autumnal golden hour.

Beautiful ! JMWT wos ere ! No bigger compliment