daily painting titled Lemons


17cm x 11cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 26 November, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


I can smell them!
..and expertly painted. ;)
Each lemon seems to invite us to travel into its golden mirror...Bewitching invitations.
Lovely. Greetings from California! Just a note of gratitude to you that I am able to open my mail every morning to another beautiful painting by you, Julian. Whether it is a landscape, still life of afternoon's lunch, Louis' favorite toy or snack, it is always a delightful surprise. Thank you for the daily treasures!
Would it be possible for you to post the measurements in inches as well as centimeters? I have no idea what size your paintings are and would very much like to bid. Thanks!
Lovely Lemons. Greetings from Sydney. Id just like to thank you for another year of wonderful daily paintings that inspire me and brighten my day. I look forward to them every day.Thank you.
A gift of yellow on a darl day. Thanks Julian.
Oh, I just love the depth and shadows in this painting. The lemons just come forward beautifully.
I agree with Alain.....Individuals with attitude. Very fun!
Mouthwatering. Just luscious.
Touch of joy on a dull November day. Thank you Trying to paint these myself, subtle colours elusive, will try again.
Dear Julian, ploughed through your entire archive today and felt how your paintings have evolved. The earlier ones, although being full of freshness and charm, have given way (in my humble opinion) to a new depth and a sophisticated, yet rich palette. A good example to illustrate the point is todays stunning lemons! Anna.
Those lemons are incredible!
Wonderful painting - I wonder how many people on here actually try to create their own version of your lovely works of art, it would be so interesting perhaps once or twice a year to see a 'followers attempts' forum as well as this one.