daily painting titled Egg and 	Silver Spoon  on a White Cloth

Egg and Silver Spoon on a White Cloth

13cm x 18cm (5"x7"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 15 September, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


The egg and the spoon remind me of junior school sports days, but these are too perfect to drop! The shadows in the white cloth add depth to the cloth. Beautiful as always.
Clear and weightless like a watercolour.
One of my favourite paintings of yours is the spoon on a white cloth I saw on your website, and this one is even more interesting! I especially dig the egg imperfections on the outlines, giving it a little plus, vibrating a little more than with the only colours. you're just a too huge artist, doing perfection by using imperfections...
a wonderful simple composition, beautifully executed. r.
THE perfect morning egg !
Hi Julian Once again you point us to the beauty of objects around us, and you call attention to the merits of simplicity in presentation. I especially admire the way that you have created the image of the spoon via light, shape, and colour. It is a counterpoint to the egg and a reflection of it.