daily painting titled Quinces


20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 29 October, 2017
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful. So lush. Hope Louis' toe heals quickly.
Absolutely love this one! and the story about Louis that goes with it. Oh Joyful childhood. Treasure each moment.
So glad to hear that Louis is healing well and rapidly.
Oh ! Quick and complete recovery wishes to Louis Only you are able to paint quinces like that. Evelyne
Does this mean he wont be a clown as life's work?
So sorry to hear about Louis' toe! Isn't it amazing how fast they perk up, tho? And I'll bet the hospital was a bit of an adventure for him! Thank you again for the lovely week in Tuscany; it was a rare treat for me to watch you paint. The quinces are lovely--when I actually settle down and have my own walls again, I WILL buy a painting! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you, Ruth, and Louis! -Shelley
I enjoy receiving my painting a day. particularly loved the quinces as we grow them in our garden. What a contrast between the delicate blossom to the chunky fruit.