daily painting titled Still Life with Cup, Cherries and Apricot

Still Life with Cup, Cherries and Apricot

18cm x 11cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 4 July, 2007
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Another - possibly my favourite - David Garland cup. The cherries came from les Halles in Avignon this morning. The apricots from my neighbour's tree.

Gorgeous, Julian. It's the height of cherry season here, and I have a small bowl of them beside my computer right now. You capture their dark glow perfectly.

I really like your eye, Julian. You do such great work with light and texture. I also like your composition a great deal. You take us on lovely visual journeys, even if it's just on a kitchen table.

Super superb.

Je ne saurais dire ma pr�f�rence pour lequel des trois sujets de cette nature morte.
Contenus et contenants sont tous vivants et beaux dans la splendeur de l'ombre. Bel ensemble, coh�rent qui fait saliver.
J'admire votre ma�trise de la rutilance des cerises.
J'admire aussi votre fantastique ardeur au travail. Un vrai artisan. Et dans artisan, il y a le mot art.
Merci Julian!

Julian, how do you plan your day, what with painting, doing all the usual boring things and doing all the photographing and computer work? Take us through a typical day. Also where do you buy your materials down there? All the best, Dennis.P.S. Love this one.

Fabulously mouth-watering ? and all the more so with cherries at 9? a kilo at my greengrocer's here in Bordeaux.

Thanks all I really enjoyed this and it's very gratifying to have such a positive response. I always feel a little guilty using David's cups in paintings as they such beautiful little works of art in themselves. He has thought about organizing an exhibition of paintings that feature his ceramics - which would be very interesting.

Dennis, we had to go to Avignon, (a 40min drive) yesterday morning, to buy a tap for the new kitchen worktop. I managed to pack 6 paintings before we left at 10. After the tap was bagged we went to "les halles" bought the cherries, a big John Dory for dinner and a snack lunch. Checked on alternatives to the iPhone in FNAC - I need something like a Palm Treo so I can be in contact with the site and mail away from home as the iPhone won't be available here in France till 2008 :-((. Home by about 2. Check emails etc. spent some time researching more and doing web stuff finally up the ladder to the studio at 5pm, spent an hour looking for a set-up, then started this painting ( I seem to require a deadline like 'it gets dark in two hours' - drives Ruth mad!! Ruth meanwhile took the paintings to the post office and then spent three hours scrubbing the newly laid terracotta tiles with dilute sulpuric acid in preperation for sealing them this weekend, we hope. We both finished at about 7:30. Took about half an hour to photograph and put the painting up on the site and send out the email. Then Glass of wine (or three), I prepared the fish and had supper. An episode of 'Brothers and Sisters' then bed. Pretty typical.

Hi Julian Apricots, cherries, and a pottery bowl...three of my favourite things, expertly depicted. Delicious!!!!

So I think an addiction to buying your paintings is an OK addiction to have--we'll call it collecting. But I for one would appreciate it if you would simply paint a bad one just so I won't be tempted day after day after day. THis one is another little jewel--I bought the strawberries with one of David's cups a while back.

Julian forgot to mention the small detail that he filleted the fish, boiled up the head and bones, and made a delicious sauce with saffron and that while he was doing this we ate a rather delicious anchoiade....it was a good day.

Sounds like heaven - but what is an "anchoiade"?

This is a good explanation and recipe, David