daily painting titled A Winter Afternoon

A Winter Afternoon

22cm x 14cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 December, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


Is this the same road as yesterday - only looking in the opposite direction? If you click between the two it's like two frames from a movie storyboard!...
No James, but not far away. Actually they are both facing West at different times of day.
Beautiful work, your winters are not quite the same as where I live. Yesterday we received at least 30 cm of snow. The light and shadows are fab!
Winter Afternoon.... you ought to produce a calender Julian, documenting the changing seasons. I'm sure it would be very popular. I'd buy one!
Thanks Alvin, we've had a bit of snow but only up on the mountain. Brrr... Dennis I like to think of this as a calender! We (Ruth and I) use our blogs to check what happened in previous years, first frost in autumn, first poppies , cherry blossom time etc.
I love these landscapes! Tell me, Julian, about that yellow-orange area in the mid-ground. Is it a farmer's field? A road? Does it really have that wonderful glow at certain times of day? I ask because winters where I live are gray, gray and more gray, with no warm ground colors anywhere. Thanks for these treats!
Hi Marsha, it's a track past the house, then a border of grass and on the right a vineyard. The light is very orange/rose and the house reflects light back into the shadow. As Peter Mayle said Provence is a cold place with lots of sunshine. December, the days are short but spectacular when clear.
Thanks Julian. I'll take cold, just give me sunshine! Many thanks.