daily painting titled Studio Company (Sleeping Kitten)

Studio Company (Sleeping Kitten)

16cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Thursday 13 March, 2008
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I can hear her purrrrrrrrring!
So graphic, yet so soft and I lvoe the little pink on the paws. Once again, you master the textures. Totally charming, even for a dog person who is allergic to cats!
love the patterns of color that warmly embrace your sweet little friend....a heartwarming painting!
Adorable--- a nice change.
Thanks, J... Hope to make this wee furball mine! So happy she is still making her bed on such a colorful pallet(te. Named yet?
Greetings Julian, i so admire your work and "lurk" here frequently, commenting occasionally. What are the shipping charges to the U.S. if i were to purchase a print of this sweet painting? Thank you
Being a cat lover, I had to comment on this one too. Great painting. I miss my "studio company." I recently posted about my cat and how he used to keep me company in my studio. Very nice piece, Julian. I love it!
You're going to make Ruth cry! The Matisse colors, like the previous one you did of this sweet kitty, are supendous. Is it her/his bed?
Every aspect of this little painting is brilliant Julian. The composition, the quality of your brush strokes and your choice of colours. It is so endearing it took my breath away upon seeing it. I am awestruck.
very beautiful brushwork!
Joyce, it's a soft fluffy scarf which I laid on a chair for her which seems to have become a permanent bed!
Hi Vicki, shipping is ten dollars for a single print
This adorable kitten came into your lives on the day we left les Couguieux for home, so we didn't get much chance to get to know her.
I love cats and that is a beautiful painting.
J'adore l'ambiance, les couleurs et le "sujet"...et je constate que Baby cat a toujours l'allure d'un chaton! trop mignonne! C'est une chance de pouvoir travailler avec nos adorables matous, n'est-ce-pas, Julian? à bientôt
Can't wait to get kitty home to us! It was our lucky day today. Your companion resembles our Bella - a stray that moved in with us @ 2 + years ago.