daily painting titled Self Portrait

Self Portrait

12cm x 19cm (4½"x7½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 25 January, 2010
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This is so beautiful! I love the light and softness, I love your self portraits!
OMG---- arresting!
I love it Julian, it is fabulous!!!!
Silent heart-to-heart talk. As deeply moving as a self portrait of Goya. Introspective. Probing souls and hearts. Your eyes, lost, but your eyebrows, so determined, conveying so strength and presence. O and this vertical shadow on the forehead, caused by a tuft of hair, looking like a question-mark, questionning the tragedies of Life... You have reached here, Julian, the very depths of the humanness !
Such a soft and lovely touch here! It is a much kinder look than some of your other portraits!...somehow, I bet this is more reflective of you, and your personality!
Julian I love this one the most of all your self-portraits. How is it that as I viewed it I saw your expression change from a frown of concentration on finishing to a satisfied look of thinking it might be pretty good to the hint of an excited gentle smile. I am in awe.
Your self-portraits are amazing. I like your beautiful landscapes and still life paintings, but I come back to your self portraits for depth and to see the source of your other work. The faces change like the weather, each one rich in its own way.
Remarkable painting.
Hi Julian I looked at your other self portraits; you depict yourself with an honesty that is fierce. In this one you seem more relaxed and at peace with yourself. I also like your short (it looks that way) haircut. It makes you look younger. Finally, in this portrait you appear less burdened and more open. It is a very brave to paint yourself, I think.
Julian...your self portrait is just beautiful. Very lovely sensitive technique..great light treatment...I keep wanting to write to you and ask if you ever conduct painting gatherings or workshops. I would love to visit Provence. I just found out that I have English relatives there. Let's all keep on painting.... Anne
Everyone has said all those insightful things I never seem to be able to put into words. So "DITTO"; this is a wonderful work.
This is your best self portrait yet, Julian. Great stuff.
Yes, This one is fantastic. You look so much happier! Nice to see you relaxed. Perhaps snow is good for you!
yes, the softness of yr eyes and lips is entrancing. hope the new year started out well for you. gfs
A question on the forthcoming book (paperback). Are the images the same size as the originals? What recording process is being used to produce the images? Thanking you in advance, Elinor
Ah Julian, yes, I believe this your best self portrait yet - I love the "How is it that as I viewed it I saw your expression change from a frown of concentration on finishing to a satisfied look of thinking it might be pretty good to the hint of an excited gentle smile" comment - what a great observation. Jen
Everyone loves this self portrait, including me! I think it's your haircut ... did you find a new barber?
The very lovely Carlos, Moisant, Rue de Seine, Paris. Marvellous! I knew we would find a way to get Julian's haircut tax deductable one day!
Yes, he looks rather snazzy!
OMG!! I didn't get home in time!!!! This painting is so wonderful...but I think I already said that! This was a bargin....:(
I know what it is that you are saying to me when I look at you looking back at me. Thank you. I needed to hear that. As a painting, deceptively brilliant. No need to comment on color, or the brushiness of paint, or the simple accurate dabs of paint, or (what seems to me to be a recurring choice in your portraits) the somewhat low-slung position of the cabeza on the plane, that is of course until it is realized that this IS a painting and it is NOT the flesh and bone you just snooping around on the inside of all our computers trying to see what we are up to. I always walk away, saying, "I could do that," until, that is, I end up saying, "Uh, scratch that." Oh, well. Drop in often. You are always welcome.
Felicitations Julian. Very 'humane' profondis. On a technical level, I particularly like the sfumato softness on the edge of the face in the shadow side. Complete mastery of white on your palette.