daily painting titled autumn reflections

autumn reflections

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 29 October, 2021
Posted in Landscape paintings


What a lovely and calming painting! Thank you dear Julian!
Just lovely. Wondering if besides plein air, do you ever work from photos? Also curious to know if you plan on reviving workshops in 2022? Thanks, Karen
Lovely painting, even if you do not have much success.
I enjoy your landscapes very much. They take me back to our visit to Provence. You captured the mood on this one!
The interplay of colors is just gorgeous, beautifully done!
A beautiful and perfect reflection indeed!
Utterly beautiful!
Julian, This one just took my breath away - even on the computer. Can only imagine what it's like in real life. Congratulations on a work of outstanding natural beauty!!