daily painting titled Blood Orange and Cloth with Blue Stripe

Blood Orange and Cloth with Blue Stripe

17 x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 30 March, 2006
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Julian: I wish I knew how you could decide every day what you'll paint. I love the variety. Today's offering is quite fine. And, I like how the month almost ends in the way it began -- fruit and the cloth with blue stripe. My wife wants to know if that is a table linen or towel or what. She likes it as much as the fruit, as do I. Thanks again for a great Postcard from Provence.

Lovely, Julian! Simple and luscious. Say, maybe you could do two or three paintings a day, that way people could have more of a chance of getting one! Work, work, work!!!

Merilee, spending to much time answering emails at the moment!

Gary it's a good old french linen tea towel (as we so quaintly call them in England) and if it's raining it's a still life, if it's not raining it might still be a still life - subjects are almost always what's in the market. Julian

Dear Julian, any chance of a giclee print of this painting?

This is a great idea!