daily painting titled Route through Winter Vines

Route through Winter Vines

17cm x 13cm (6¾"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 7 February, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Here the brushstrokes show the hand of the painter very assertively. I thought the route was in one place, but now I am not sure. The painter, though, does know.
beautiful landscape!
First of all, a high level of visual pleasure. These orange, raw sienna, red, purple, blue saturated colours...These voluptuous thicknesses of paste creating the road, these wonderful frenetic flames of blue hints giving life to the sky, these humorous outlines of the high tree... And at last, "the invisible" phenomenon: the bright vermilion spot of light through the tree above the roofs, an other roof, giving an invisible pyramidal shape beginning with the lower left corner of the painting and ending with the lower right side; A second triangular shape beginning and ending with the same corners,the peak being the top of the high tree and finally, a triangle beginning with the left side of the road going to the tip of the telegraph pole and finishing to the right side of the road, the whole creating an invisible sinusoidal movement suggesting an extreme feeling of life and joy under a frenzied sunny sky. A rare masterpiece without hesitation. Thank you Julian for this instant of happiness.
Julian: I must write to tell you how much I have enjoyed your winter-scapes. This one is especially striking with range of value and color. Parke