daily painting titled Evening Vineyards

Evening Vineyards

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 9 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


I can feel the heat in this one... beautiful. I could paint the rain in Sussex tonight!
I've been following your posts for over a year. Thought it time to tell you how much I enjoy getting these little paintings in my in box. They keep me inspired and wanting to paint. Thank you for sharing Julian!
Great painting once again Julian, I'm an Australian currently holidaying in France and I can agree with you about the heat, its hot in Dijon too! Hopefully I can come along to your class next year, its my wish. Au revoir
great landscape !
Love the view, shadows amd stillness
Forgive 2nd comment on same day Have kept this "special" on view quite a lot. It's a prize-winner, subtle colours, enchanting... Have the shadow colours changed as it's evening? I think, just a little! It's a glowing, sunny evening here in Watford, and small garden looks lovely too.
I have enjoyed receiving your daily paintings quite a lot over the last year. It prompts me to get to my own easel! I enjoy hearing little tidbits about your day living in Provence. How can I check out your class schedule? Ann Billeter