daily painting titled Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 4 November, 2005
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This is really, really wonderful, Julian. What a treat.

Agreed. Its atmospheric, something brooding about it.

Out of curiosity, what time of day was it painted? It looks like evening to me with the sun on the right, mainly because I'm reading the two horizontal patches of blue on the green field in the middle foreground as shadows from the two trees to the right. Could be wrong tho...

Yes Paul, its something I started last night and finished off today in the rain in the safety of the studio. This house is pretty well outside my window and has appered several times already in this project, I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the change from summertime to winter - the clocks went forward and painting after 5 o'clock is no longer possible - I will just have to get up earlier or paint faster, j

Fantastic tonal contrast. You have really captured the feel of the landscape.

I love this; could look and look as through I was actually present in the scene. I love the suggestion of movement in the large group of trees in the background.

You have a plethora of quality paintings on your site, but this one really stands out to me (the boldness, the drama...that red!). I don't see it as a print, why not?? What are the qualifications? In any case, it's been inspiring taking a look. Maybe when I'm out of the diaper changing stage of child rearing I'll join the ranks of online artists such as yourself!