daily painting titled Peaches, bottle and Delft vase

Peaches, bottle and Delft vase

18cm x 15cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x6") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 July, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Hi Julian, glad to see your paintings coming through again. Another great display of surface texture, edge control and well, everything really. Nice one!
Wonderful to be able to study your way with peaches close-up. Paul said it well; edges and surface texture here are excellent.
I could use a rainy day... where I am, if only I could use it as well as you do.
Your paintings make my day. I can almost feel the fuzzy peaches.
The textural contrast between the ceramic and peach bloom is so exquisite, a luscious "aha" and "mmmmmm"... moment! Love it, love it, love it, and feel so blessed to again enjoy these daily inspirational, magic little gems, thank you Julian.
Yippee, you are back! Now, where is the cream and sugar ffor those peaches !
...it's the cropping that gets me every time. You show so much on such a small canvas... board! ...and you do it so well. Those peaches are ripe... if they even still exist ';-)