daily painting titled First strawberries

First strawberries

17cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 17 March, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Absolutely luscious! No one does strawberries as well as you do. Vivid and extra dimensional; makes one think of strawberries in a whole new light, literally.
As fiery as a bunch of loving hearts!
This is the best strawberry painting I've ever seen. Fabulous. Sigh....
Lush and luscious!
Oh yum! There are no strawberries in the world as sweet as those grown in Provence. I hope you ate these as soon as the painting was finished!
These are just beautiful. And I love how they just fade into the darkness of the background, losing edges and adding a sense of intrigue.
Julian - Oh the beautiful weather of St. Patrick's day here in Nantucket......but I long for the day that brings us the fresh, scrumptious, moist and sweet taste of the first batch of Strawberries......Just like yours!!!!! I could eat them off your painting. It is masterful. Thank you so much...Sandy
This painting is beautiful, and I love Alain's "fiery hearts" comment. You have both touched my spirit today.
I love the way you have suggested the leaves on the strawberry mid rear; your brush strokes suggest them delicately. In fact the leaves for each one are depicted with different stategies. Their 'hats' make each individual.