daily painting titled Cabanon and Olive Trees

Cabanon and Olive Trees

15 x 14 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 6 March, 2006
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Two more lovely new paintings - but I didn't get either of them by email today!! And how on earth do you paint when the mistral is blowing ....

I happened to be online when your email showed up, Julian, so I watched these two sell within a minute of their being put online. They're both lovely, but not what I want, so I didn't try to purchase. I did, however, enjoy... as always.

it helps to not have to set up a 30x40 canvas!

I wish I were Mary Poppins right now so that I could leap into this painting, I want to sit by that isolated barn beneath such a wonderfully blue sky - I also wish that this painting was on display at every tube stop in london..oops, only allowed one wish!