daily painting titled Late afternoon

Late afternoon

17cm x 12,5cm (7"x5") oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 23 February, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


I really enjoyed looking at this painting. And excellent use of light and dark counterchange.
You caught just the quality of late afternoon light.
Simply beautiful!
That is the light effect I have been struggling to achieve. You make it seems so easy but I know it is not. Why is art such a struggle?
Ah yes -- I'm telling you -- Julian is the master of light and dark...
Impressive...There is no really anecdotal subject in this glamorous painting:just a fragment of nature:why here more than there,this is the mysterious choice of the painter:maybe,he was attracted at the same rare aesthetic instant,to the cadmium yellow light line,the pink and curvy single cloud,the dark and burnt umber wood,which looks like a a herd of majestic bisons? Nearly like a Rothko composition with its strips. By the way...No anecdotal story? Watch out!The wood buffaloes will not agree. This humble landscape sings.
I have a real thing for trees and just love your painting. I like the mystery always found in the shadows and the places deep within the forest.
i enjoy your small paintings !------I think you have recaptured the "Light " now you are back in the " Cooler North "-----I think you had lost "It" in those painted in the warmer climate !
Love the soft light, Julian!
Wish I was walking across that field to enter the shade of those trees...beautiful. ....Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday to you!
Hi Julian I thought that some of your Bali paintings were particularly distinguished by the light that was probably hard to paint. It was a wonderful escape for me to see the paintings of Bali. I think that we all need a rest from the cool light, at least I do. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Have all your favourtite treats. B.