daily painting titled Fishing Boats at Méjean

Fishing Boats at Méjean

17cm x 12cm (6½"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 6 August, 2009
Posted in Marine paintings


That is truly wonderful. Such composition. Well done Julian.
I am just loving your landscapes, you have really captured the heat and shadow and light in each one over the last while. The fishing boats painting is really good with brushstrokes capturing the water's surface and the reflections on the boats.
I love the way you "cut" the boats: it seems so unaffected! Impressive hank of lines, colours, highlights and gleams! At last, I like this bit of pink and golden wharfage on the left, which reminds me of Edgar Degas' subtle way of drawing an oblique, both to give the depth and to bring us into the painting.
I love the abstract quality of this amazing painting. Truly a "still life."
I am in love with the colors you chose!