daily painting titled Peonies and Provençal pot #2

Peonies and Provençal pot #2

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 24 May, 2013
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Despite your litany of tired body parts, your painting is simply glorious! I hope one of the twelve will be taking it home.
Twelve very lucky students. This painting took my breath away!
Wish I could be one of your wonderful students! This is a luxurious painting.
Excellent work - lucky students being able to watch this picture take shape. Thanks for the Blog posts during the week, its been great to follow your progress and see some of the students work. Well done to everyone.
Thank you for taking on this larger than life task....looking forward to meeting you in July!!
So jealous of those students! Would love to see you paint a whole painting. This one is beautiful.
I'm late with a comment and everything the other people have commented on I totally agree. Wish I could be there too as a student and take in all your excellent instructions. I'll just have to dream I'm there. :) Every one of your paintings I've viewed has a certain mood to it and I enjoy this feeling so much. Have a great weekend get some rest.
Dear Julian, so the course is wrapped up and was obviously a success, get some strength for the next crowd! For us that couldn't attend, its been great to see the pics and gallery, thank you. The weather should improve from now on, making logistics easier for you and Ruth! Anna.
It looks like this piece is going to go sky-high, but it is deservedly so! The painting is masterful, Julian.
You have just explained why I have been so slow finishing my own paintings. I teach a lot! And joyfully! But it requires a lot of all of our senses as you mentioned!
Hi Julian , yes I have been missing your paintings and I also missed some other details about seeing your students work. Where do I find this ? and yes I'm jealous I can't be there!! Craig. PS Take your rest