daily painting titled Morning Tulips

Morning Tulips

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 5 February, 2013
Posted in Flower paintings


Oh, Julian, this is a stunner. Gorgeous colors and a promise of Spring to come.
I love the splashes of color that arrive daily in my inbox. It's a highlight of my day. And this one is a glorious explosion! I loved the light and color of Provence - it was ridiculously photogenic and I can see why it offers endless inspiration
The tulips are stunning and truly an inspiration. I miss Spring in France.
This is very different from the subdued, somber tones. When I first saw it I didn't think it was yours because its so different. Way to go!
I agree with the other comments, "stunning" is the word! Love. Love. Love. Thank you for sharing!
still lifes get ever better. more air and more light. the one with the knife a tour de force. congratulations.t
Brilliant in colour and perspective.
Amazing. You keep outdoing yourself! It's always a treat to see your lovely works of art.
Beautiful.. Life infusing
what fantastic colours to brighten up a very dull english winter day!!. A gem of a painting.
Dear Julian, very beautiful. A more gestural and looser form of painting seems to be under way. This painting goes straight to the heart of the matter, emotionally charged in its expressive colour and form. Thanks for the daily tonic! Anna.
Missed bidding on this incredible painting!! What a gorgeous wonder, reminds me of Fairfield Porter.
Lovely and loose...this I really like.