daily painting titled Apricots on a White Cloth

Apricots on a White Cloth

15cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 11 August, 2006
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I like the threee peaches and was really amazed by the artist who did th fishes two days ago, How to relate the lovely and the somewhat repulsive is a question I, as an artist andteacher of the Aesthetic Realism Critical Inquiry class am very much interested in. Thank you for your work.

Three ovoid apricots forming a triangle, intersecting three vertical lines (two blue, one white) that form the stunning blue stripes in a rectangular field. I love geometry, and I love the "construction" here. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Sorry, will post at 1:30 Paris time.

sorry again - julian is asleep in bed after a rather long evening out with friends. I guess he will post some time tomorrow!

Assorted commentary:

Gary...How many of these do you have now?

And poor Dorothy...as an artist and teacher -saw them as 3 peaches even though the title was "Three Apricots on a White Cloth" and...
Thank God for dear Ruth who can always tell it like it is!!!Ruth is the link to letting the larger audience os fans know that Julian is really a real person! xoxo-Ann

Ann -- I've lost track of how many postings I have made over the months. Sometimes I post daily if I have a thought to share. Sometimes weeks will go buy when life does not permit me the privilege of having time to look here. Is there a limit on the number of postings one can make?

Gary, as far as I am concerned, you can comment as much as you like. I enjoy you words - they are always kind and intelligent. And as far as Dorothy Koppelman is concerned, who cares if she got the title of the painting wrong? Lord knows I have had my share of comments over the last year, and I make mistakes, too! Just look at how lame I was the other day at trying to see Julian's picture! Let's all just chill out and enjoy Julian's work, and if you want to comment, go to it.

I just love your art Julian, you are truly blessed....when I open my email addressed from you....it's like Christmas morning every day....your three apricots are stunning....Thank you....

Merilee -- I agree with you: peaches, apricots, orange bouncey-balls. Just to look and reflect is the important part, I suppose. I saw palm trees in one of JMS' recent paintings when they were actually pine trees. Whatever. Our views are often influenced by what is otherwise on our mind, at least in my experience. Cheers.

You are absolutely right, Gary, and, by the way, being a fellow Californian, I also saw those pine trees as palm trees. I enjoy your thoughtful, introspective insights. Ignore Ann and keep up with your delightful comments. They are a joy and I'm sure Julian appreciates your views. Cheers back at ya!

We aussies tend to miss out on these paintings due to the time zone down here. So, you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I saw todays 'three apricots' - without 'sold' written under it. Quite a novelty!....

I also enjoy your kind hearted and intelligent comments Gary, but I think what Ann was asking was how many paintings do you own? I don't see anything prohibitive about your commenting in her comment....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow me to puchase this painting!!!!!I just adore it and have been trying in vain for so countless months to have one of your paintings.
A Most devoted fan,

Jay Mulford Dera

Ruth: Thank you. I thought that I would exploit some ambiguity in the original question in an effort to avoid answering it. Alas, I am caught!! To date, I have but a single Julian Merrow-Smith painting in my home. I gave it to my wife as a present as she deserves all things beautiful in life. I guess that technically, therefore, I do not own it anymore, even in this community property state. I do get to see it every day, though. I try several times in a given week to purchase more on the website. It is difficult to be the "chosen one" as people know, but it does happen every now and again and is worth it. I never give up hope. I have also ordered my first print which I look forward to receiving. Judging by peoples' comments, I should think the print will be quite beautiful also.

Good Painting