daily painting titled Clementine on the edge of a Table

Clementine on the edge of a Table

18cm x 10cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 22 November, 2006
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Gorgeous, gorgeous!

that leaf really zings

Hi Julian
Great as always- but another piece of bloody fruit !
How about some portraits and landscapes you have an immense talent too good to waste on bits of vegetable matter

It�s really lovely, with its shiny leaf! And the light blue as its complementary color makes your clementine�s orange glowing still more.
No, not only bloody fruit, in my opinion it�s no waste, try it, paint some by yourself, Michael, talent will be necessary as much as the other genres.

Another one I forgot to bid for. What a shame!

Hey, I love the landscapes too, but give the guy a break: the weather alone makes frequent out-of-doors painting difficult. Relax.

Personally, I delight in viewing the fruit paintings(even if it's everyday) because each one of them, I feel, are painted with fresh, loving, and attentive manner...

Another great composition Julian - yet again. Beautifully balanced forms. Triangles, squares, circles, little boxes of colour and delicate tones. A lesson in harmony.
And yes, it's a piece of fruit - so what, enjoy the sweet flavours of this little painting!

Julian: Don't change a thing. It's the fruits that I look forward to the most! Although, I should add, the recent landscape study was a beautiful, and more abstract, departure on your landscapes.

clementine in rainy devon is just what the doctor ordered!

hello there I just stumbled on your pages for the first time and saw Vines near Mont Ventoux. I am bit homesick for that view, having looked at it from my room for a year when I lived at Carpentras. I'll be coming back to your site for more - one day I might even return to Mont Ventoux! Mike