daily painting titled Fig Half and Goats Cheese

Fig Half and Goats Cheese

19cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 23 August, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Oh Groaaaaaaaannnnnnnn! I adore figs and I adore goats' cheese. French, of course! You are a cruel man, Julian Merrow-Smith!

Yum!!! And what a beautifully painted fig!!!

i love this painting for its gorgeous hunk of cheese and sensational fig. looks like alizarin crimson in the center, cannot tell about the yellow around the rim. so beautiful!

Dear Julian - this has got me slavering! Your stills of food have been resposible for my evolution from art philistine to ignorant, but keen, painting viewer. Many thanks X Mhairi

Tr�s beau tableau, Julian...mais j'ai un doute pour l'association fromage de ch�vre et d�licieuse figue de Caromb!!!?

mireille, je m'interesse pourquoi pas ce mariage...?

The cheese is from Vigier in carpentras, one of the most well regarded cheese shops in France, where one of the biggest pleasures is to go in and say 'make me a selection for tonight'. It was most excellent with some crusty bread after a yellow courgette and saffron risotto last night!

Since this is the goats cheese region I have been concentrating on finding more ways to enjoy them. recent discoveries include with a white bean ('coco' beans)and herb (parsley, winter savory, chives and garlic) salad, or a fresh goats cheese with herbs on bread with a chopped 'old variety' tomato, salt and olive oil.....

Ruth, tu as oubli� que je n'aimais pas le fromage et que donc, pour moi c'est un "sacril�ge" de l'associer avec les d�licieuses figues de Caromb!!!
Mais, � part �a, le tableau de Julian est tr�s beau...
Bon app�tit � vous deux et � tr�s bient�t