daily painting titled Three little fishes

Three little fishes

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 29 November, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow!! A masterpiece!
Your talent never, ever ceases to amaze me! Incredible job!
Absolutely stunning rendition -- the iridescence is magnificent and the simplicity of it all is amazing. Jeannine
this is so lovely! i purchased your cards in the past. will you be doing a new set any time soon? this would make a great addition to the cards!
What beautiful colours you use. How do you do it!!!!! You proberbly know your amazing, But I'm another one saying you are .
your work is gorgeous but i still wish you'd provide measurement in inches so i could visualize their size. thanks.
Too beautiful to eat, such colouring. I agree with the previous 6 comments - stunning. I am glad I signed up for 'postcards ...' I live in a care home and you bring colour into my life
They are small!
You just can paint anything and bring it to life. I so appreciate your work. You make me hungry for France. The food, the people all that good stuff. Keep'em comin'. LaWanda