daily painting titled Still life with peaches and silver cup

Still life with peaches and silver cup

18cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 24 July, 2011
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I can feel the fussiness of the peach fuzz from here.
I can almost smell the sweet ripeness of these peaches. You have captured the essence so well, Beautiful! Oh, I wish I could send you some of our warm temperatures from the southern USA.
I really like that pink reflection in the silver cup and its echo on the dark and distant second peach. I envy you the south of France and the beautiful ripe peaches. Our Southern ones are suffering from our drought.
This painting is so beautiful!!!
I am sorry it is cold in Provence. But the peaches are ripe and you paint them beautifully.
Perfection of ripeness - in another ten minutes that foregrounded peach will be too ripe; amazing that you've captured that instant, but you record so many beautiful moments in time. What a gift you are, Julian. Sorry it's cold. A cold summer can be a true misery - but having a little one around must warm things up, no?
Wow...wonderful job of perfectly capturing the soft, matte fuzz of the peaches with shiny oils! Love the juxtaposition with the sharp reflections of the cup. It's nice to see your postings popping to the top of my blogroll again :).
Hi Julian: The peaches look great. We have no problem with fruit ripening here in the Northeast. Temps have been pushing the 100 mark so we have to eat the fruit quickly. And paint it even faster.
Very nice , thanks.
So happy,Julian,to see your works afresh. I like the teensy touch of indigo-blue,which "kindles up"this absorbing painting.
Welcome back Alain; I love the word "kindles". Julian, I am getting strange results for the weather in Provence. My Dashboard on the computer reads 30 degreesC. in Carpentras and has for weeks. The weather network says it is 81F in Avignon. Do I see Ruth and Louis Joseph in the middle reflection reflection in the cup? Someone seems to be in the right reflection as well.
Here in steamy North Carolina it is also peach season. Delicious to look at and eat, though difficult to rener as beautifully as you. P.S. I am so enjoying Ruth's book!
Lovely peachy pictures! Plz add me to you email list. Thx, Anne