daily painting titled Farm at St. Remy de Provence

Farm at St. Remy de Provence

17cm x 13cm (approx 6¾"x5"), oil on panneau Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 7 March, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Ah - spring is in the air. This painting is the most whimsical of any I've seen. Loved it!
Oh I love it! Looks like my childhood home in upstate NY...
I can feel the warm air moving across the wash. Very nice!
Knocked my socks off. I just love paintings of laundry drying. Gorgeous.
I feel the breeze.
Thank you Julian. It's lovely. I've recently shared some of your pics with friends here in Santa Fe. They like your work very much. Best wishes, Georgia
What a fun painting, I LOVE it!
Yes! Loose and brilliant color. I like this direction very, very much. Very painterly Julian. Were you drinking wine?! Smiles, Liz
What a bottomless inventiveness! Technically,each little part of the picture is a painting in the painting. Emotionally,each part mingles with the others which make this painting so lively.
I love this painting, Julian. So fun and fanciful, unlike anything I have seen you do. Makes me smile. Thank you!