daily painting titled Cherries from the tree

Cherries from the tree

16cm x 11cm (6"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 6 June, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Outstanding, red and green...but what reds and greens. All the best, Steve
good to see you back posting again Julian... and with a composition that leaves the viewer wondering what other delights lie beyond.
Julian, the highlights are magical and the shadows set it all up. Another favorite!
Absolutely mouthwatering!
How I miss your posts Julian! I look forward to this food for my soul...what beautiful art you are graciously sharing. I just love your paintings! Thank you.
Beautiful composition! Beautiful cherries! I love getting your posts. Thanks!
thank you for your beautiful work, Julian -- i look at your site every day to give me a lift
Julian, Just as you learned how to paint shadows so well, you are learning about mailing. People think this is a mundane subject, but it is not. What is the point of a beautiful page if it never reaches your audience? Someday the mailing job may be done by someone else, and you will know as plainly as you know that shadow, what has to be done. There is security in that. You'll see. Lovely cherries. Elinor
Hi Julian, My computer hard drive crashed several days ago so I have been using the laptop which is a bit of a pain, so slow. So I'm a bit behind on the news, what packing, are you moving and to where, complete change of scenery, like Australia,ha ha! Hope your well and the packing does not last for to long. Regards Ruth