daily painting titled Rose


15cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 26 February, 2019
Posted in Flower paintings


I LOVE all your work....but especially, maybe, your florals!
So lovely!
I truly look forward to seeing these little jewel like paintings come into my inbox/ they light u pay morning, Alice
Back to your best Julian. The rest did you good!
Hi Julian, Fantastic! This is the way to paint a rose! Thanks for sharing.
Ahhhh!!!! Breathtaking!!! Most beautiful rose painting ever... how I love the subtle colours!
Looks so spontaneous - and is really lovely! Thank you.
This is gorgeous -------would love to have it
No other artist makes me want to vomit with jealousy like you, and that's a sincere compliment, I swear. Just stunning.
Such nice rhythm and movement and I like delicate, light weight feel of the rose.